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The Ella Redkey pool is geothermally-heated and offers Adult Lap Swim, Masters Swimming, Aqua Exercise classes for shallow water and deep water, Open Swim and Family Swim times.

The pool is home to the Basin Aquatics swim team, which provides competitive swim programs for ages 5-18.

A must see for anyone intending to visit Klamath Falls. Just 60 miles north of Klamath Falls, the park's main attraction is of course the famed Crater Lake, with its vibrant blue colors. Whether you hike the many trails, take a boat tour of the famous blue waters or just enjoy the view, Crater Lake has something for everyone.

Enjoy an open air market with fresh, locally grown produce, bakery and fine handcrafted goods. Every Saturday 9:30am till 1:00pm thru October 11th on 9th and Main St.

Klamath Lake is the largest natural lake in Oregon and the center for all sorts of water fun in the summer. Acres of lakeside parks with biking, hiking, and canoeing are an ideal way to spend a summer day.


About Chockstone Climbing Clinics

Whether you are new to rock climbing or want to work on particular skills to take your climbing to the next level, we offer climbing courses/clinics focused on specific skills to help meet your climbing goals. We have dates posted where you can join up with others in a class format. It is also always possible to hire a guide on any given day to customize the curriculum to your specific needs. If you are interested in a class but don't see a date that works for you, let us know your interest. Our goal is to provide guidance and opportunities to best help you achieve your climbing goals.

The Mt. Ashland Ski Area is located in beautiful Southern Oregon. In summer when the ski area is closed, we welcome you to come visit and enjoy amazing views of our surrounding area, including Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLaughlin, and more. Outdoor recreation options are endless, including trail running, mountain biking, wildflower viewing, bird watching and more. If you're looking for a venue for your wedding, meeting, reunion, or other event, Mt. Ashland offers numerous options to make a perfect day.

Awe-inspiring, unique, bedazzling and perfect. These are just a few words that have been used to describe Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon .

By all accounts and standards, it's one of the most enticing national parks in America . And unsurprisingly, there are plenty of things to do in Crater Lake National Park.

Created 7,700 years ago by the cataclysmic eruption and subsequent collapse of Mount Mazama, Crater Lake is now the epitome of tranquility. The volcano's violent explosion scattered ash across hundreds of thousands of square miles, leaving behind a deep, steep-walled caldera.

Snow and rain eventually filled up the crater, forming what is now appropriately known as Crater Lake.

7 Things to Do in Crater Lake National Park

There are plenty of volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest , from Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens to Mount Hood and Mount Adams, but none of them are so downright extraordinary as Crater Lake.

The caldera and surrounding area became a national park in 1902, one of several volcanic national parks in the West—Yellowstone, Mount Rainier and Lassen Volcanic are other beauties.

If you're looking for what to do at Crater Lake, you'll find enough options to keep you busy for days. From scenic drives to boat tours and hikes, there's plenty of variety in Crater Lake attractions.

Below are the seven greatest things to do in Crater Lake National Park .

Drive the Rim Drive

The star attraction in Crater Lake National Park is the Rim Drive. Encircling the entire lake, this 33-mile (53-kilometer) road is one of the greatest national park roads in the USA.

This lovely drive offers you the chance to see the lake from every possible angle. More than 30 pullouts and numerous trailheads line the road, inviting visitors to leave their cars—provided they aren't cycling the Rim Drive —and enjoy this extraordinary landscape and natural scenery.

Note that, because of heavy snowfall in winter, the Crater Lake Rim Drive closes on November 1 (or sooner in case of significant snowfall). Also depending on snow conditions, the West Rim Drive re-opens sometime between mid-May and late-June while the East Rim Drive opens again between mid- and late-June.

Updated information on road conditions and closures is always available on the park's website .

Almost all major Crater Lake National Park attractions lie on or near the Rim Drive. Although there are other places of interest in other areas of the park, Crater Lake itself is the obvious star of the show. And the best way to see it is by driving the Crater Lake Rim Drive.

Don't miss the following ten Rim Drive highlights along the way, clockwise from Rim Village:

  • Sinnott Memorial Overlook
  • Discovery Point
  • Watchman Overlook
  • Devils Backbone
  • Llao Rock
  • Cloud Cap Overlook
  • Pumice Castle Overlook
  • Phantom Ship Overlook
  • The Pinnacles and Plaikni Falls (via a 7-mile spur road)
  • Vidae Falls

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