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Spend your day at Lake Ewauna Lakes in Klamath Falls
Published On December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

Tucked away in the Southern side of Oregon, Klamath Falls is a region dense with the natural splendors of sky-soaring mountains, wild forests, rivers, lakes, and a lot more. Lake Ewauna, a breath-taking site that is home to such magnificent natural beauty and rare bird species, happens to be one of the most popular attractions around Klamath Falls, and it is definitely worth visiting if you are touring the region.
About the Ewauna Lake in Klamath Falls

Lake Ewauna is a splendid site to enjoy a wide host of adventurous activities that allow you to cherish the beauty of the Oregon wilderness. You can enjoy hiking, canoeing, boating, rafting, fishing, parasailing and lots more. Crew rowing is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities on Lake Ewauna, and if you are a passionate rowing enthusiast, you must join the Ewauna Rowing Club to experience the community of professional rowers.

This lake is a stunning reservoir that is one of the most popular attractions of the Klamath Falls, and it is the headwaters of the region, as the rivers, Klamath Lake and Link River, fill it with freshwater. It is home to Keno Dam, which maintains a constant level of water throughout the year. This reservoir and its dam form one of the essential aspects of the Klamath River Hydroelectric Project.

You will find this beautiful stretch of water and land to be one of the most magnificent locations to watch exotic bird species, indulge in yoga or meditation, and of course, capture the countless shades of the wilderness from behind the lens if you are a photography buff.

The Wingwatcher’s Trail is extremely popular amongst passionate hiking enthusiasts; it is a very easy trail sprawling over no more than 1.1 miles. Even individuals in a wheelchair can access the trail from the western shores of The Lake. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of more than 1100 tree species, countless shrubs, herbs and of course, the homes of several rare species of birds and animals, primarily Grebes and Pelicans.

If you want to take exquisite shots of bald eagles and cormorants, head over to the eagle perch further along the trail. Keep in mind that this area is strictly dedicated to the preservation of wildlife, therefore, you cannot light fires, camp, and litter or bring any vehicles.

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Its central location provides quick access to all the major attractions of the region, including the Crater Lake Zipline, Lake Ewauna, Crater Lake National Park, Mount Bachelor and the Lake of the Woods.

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