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Klamath Fish Hatchery
Published On January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

The Klamath Fish Hatchery, also referred to as just The Klamath Hatchery, is as much a favorite among fish enthusiasts as it is for birdwatchers. You can get the best of both the worlds here. Klamath Falls has plenty of fascinating bird watching sites, including Crater Lake National Park, Diamond Lake, Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, Collier State Park, Kimball State Park, Wood River, Fort Klamath, and Sevenmile Guard Station. The Klamath State Fish Hatchery is one of the most frequented sites north of Klamath Falls.

About Klamath Fish Hatchery

Klamath Hatchery is under the management of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The two stars of Klamath Fish Hatchery are the brown trout and cutthroat trout. The hatchery dates back to 1929. The original hatchery has, of course, undergone many changes, not just in its infrastructure but also the rules and regulations. Today, the Klamath Fish Hatchery produces trophy sized, legal rainbow trout, brown trout, fingerling rainbow trout and the cutthroat trout. The hatchery releases these fish all across the basins, including Klamath Basin, Umpqua Basin and Deschutes Basin. The hatchery contributes to the thriving count of wild rainbow trout & brown trout at Wickiup Reservoir and Crane Prairie Reservoir.

The ideal time to visit the Klamath Fish Hatchery is from October through May. Fish eggs are incubated from October through July. Every year around three million fish eggs are incubated and hatched. The hatchery has a campground, picnic area, trails, fishing and hunting areas, camp host and restrooms. There is a platform from where you can observe the large trout feeding. The major wildlife attractions are the fish and freshwater mammals, also birds of prey and songbirds. There are plenty of wading birds, upland birds and waterfowls. You can spot the great blue heron, wood duck, osprey, mountain bluebird and warblers.

Klamath State Fish Hatchery is around thirty-two miles north of Klamath Falls. It is located along the Crooked Creek. You should take Highway 97 from the city and drive north until you get to Milepost 252, wherefrom you take a turn northwest and drive on Highway 62 towards Fort Klamath. Upon reaching Crooked Creek, take a right turn which is to the geographic north and you would be on an upgraded gravel road. You will find the Klamath Fish Hatchery at 46161 Highway 62 in Chiloquin.

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